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Waterproof Dog Beds

We set up Ivy & Duke on the principle of providing unique and highly customisable designs that are made from quality and locally sourced materials. Led with the comfort of our canine companions in mind, we handcraft each of our beds individually to order.

Fabric beds

Medium Size Fabric Travel Mat In Rust

The Travel Mat

A comfortable and supportive memory foam travel mat style dog bed, that fits in multiple rooms & crates. Lightweight enough to take on your travels.


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The Chaise Chien

Designed to offer the ultimate in style, support and comfort for dogs who love to lounge. Made from a foam base and a layer of decedent memory foam.


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The Boneo

Uniquely styled, this is the perfect dog bed for dogs who love to perch their heads. A foam base and luxury memory foam provide perfect support and comfort.


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Medium Size Fabric Muttress Bed In Azure Blue

The Muttress

This stylish pocket-sprung & memory foam mattress-style dog bed provides perfect comfort and orthopedic support for a dog with aching joints.


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Medium Size Fabric Den Bed In Duck Shell

The Den Bed

A cosy & comfortable high bolster dog bed, filled with luxurious memory foam. A perfect retreat for your dog. It’s supportive, warm, and easy to clean.


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Extra Large Size Fabric Lounger In Tweed

The Lounger

A practical, supportive and perfectly stylish dog bed. This comfortable bed is made with luxurious memory foam and upholstery-grade fabric.


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The Pedigree

Filled with luxurious memory foam, this practical, comfortable, cushion-style dog bed looks great in the home and for travelling in the car.


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Ivy & Duke Wall 2024 Calender by Sooshichacha

Ivy & Duke Christmas cards designed by Sooshichacha


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Ivy & Duke Christmas Cards by Sooshichacha (Pck 6)

Ivy & Duke Christmas cards designed by Sooshichacha


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Ivy & Duke x CoolSoft Pet Cooling Mat

Ivy & Duke x Coolsoft sleep have come together to create a cooling mat for your pet that has an instant cool-to-the-touch-feel.


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Spare Bed Covers - example shows The Pedigree

Spare Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Need a spare waterproof dog bed cover for washday? Our spare waterproof covers come in 5 colours to keep your bed in use all year long!


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Spare Pillow Covers

Our fabric and waterproof spare pillow covers are a practical solution to keep your dog’s pillow clean and in use all year long.


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The Ivy & Duke Christmas Stocking

Gorgeous, handmade Christmas dog stockings that can be personalised and hung above your fireplace.


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The Ivy & Duke Tote Bag

These stylish, roomy and practical Tote Bags are the perfect complimentary home, travel and days out with your dog.


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The Ivy & Duke Pillow

Our pillows make a perfect addition to your dog bed and blanket. Designed for extra luxury, comfort and support. All our pillows can be personalised.


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The Ivy & Duke Blanket

Our handmade dog blankets are double-sided, with soft faux sheepskin for maximum comfort and usage. All our blankets can be personalised for your dog.


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Spare Fabric Dog Bed Covers

Need a spare dog bed cover for washday or to match changing decor? Our spare covers come in stylish colours to keep your bed in use all year long!


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