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Outdoor Adventure

At Ivy & Duke, we offer the complete collection of dog beds and accessories for the home, car and for travels. Our range of beds and accessories are individually handmade to order by an experienced team in the UK. With gorgeous colourways and patterns to choose from, including chic British heritage stylings, finding the right dog bed or accessory for your dog has never been easier

Distinctively Different Dog Beds

The waterproof collection doesn’t compromise on design, comfort, practicality or style – many of our designs, such as The Pedigree and The Lounger have been specifically designed to be sleek and subtle to look great around the home and The Travel Mat is perfect in the car travelling. Great as multi-use beds, and with the option of waterproof cover fabrics, beds like our Muttress and The Lounger are designed to withstand even the most adventurous of outdoor pooches

Whether you live far out in the countryside or in the middle of a large town; chances are your dog will still love to run around outdoors, take a dip in the lake or wade through mud.

From travel mats for the car to our comforting and popular waterproof Lounger and Pedigree beds, take a look at our full range of waterproof bedding below.

Ivy & Duke Wall 2024 Calender by Sooshichacha

Ivy & Duke Christmas cards designed by Sooshichacha


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Ivy & Duke Christmas Cards by Sooshichacha (Pck 6)

Ivy & Duke Christmas cards designed by Sooshichacha


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Ivy & Duke x CoolSoft Pet Cooling Mat

Ivy & Duke x Coolsoft sleep have come together to create a cooling mat for your pet that has an instant cool-to-the-touch-feel.


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Spare Bed Covers - example shows The Pedigree

Spare Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Need a spare waterproof dog bed cover for washday? Our spare waterproof covers come in 5 colours to keep your bed in use all year long!


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Spare Pillow Covers

Our fabric and waterproof spare pillow covers are a practical solution to keep your dog’s pillow clean and in use all year long.


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Large Size Waterproof Lounger In Grey

The Lounger (Waterproof)

A practical, supportive and perfectly stylish dog bed. This comfy bed is made with luxurious memory foam and its waterproof cover is easy to clean.


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The Den Bed (Waterproof)

A supportive, high bolster dog bed, filled with luxurious memory foam.Cosy and comfortable but still waterproof, easy-clean and utterly practical.


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Large Size Waterproof Muttress In Burgundy

The Muttress (Waterproof)

This stylish, waterproof mattress-style dog bed provides perfect orthopedic support for aching joints. It’s comfy, practical and easy to clean.


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