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The Lounger Dog Bed in Pewter

How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Dog

When choosing the right luxury dog bed for your canine friend, there are a few essential things you need to carefully consider.

The best bed to suit your dog’s needs will depend on several factors, from the size and age of the dog through to their individual sleeping preferences and personalities. It’s not just your dog’s preferences, either – there are also some practical elements to consider too, such as how long-lasting it is? How easy is it to clean? Can it be transported easily? And, even how does it fit in and compliment your home?

Here’s our guide to making sure that your investment in a new luxury dog bed perfectly suits your dog’s needs while also being entirely practical for your lifestyle.

Choosing the size of your dog bed

Whether your dog is a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, you’ll want to ensure they are getting adequate support and comfort in their bed. To do this, you need to ensure that they have enough space to curl-up and snuggle but also to stretch out and sprawl if they want to. That’s why we offer up to 4 sizes of beds and even bespoke sizing on Ivy & Duke beds, so you can be assured you’re getting the exact size your dog needs. We’ve also created a range of seven different, thoughtful designs that accommodate multiple sleeping positions and preferences.

An English Pointer lying in the boot of a car on an Ivy and Duke dog waterproof Pedigree bed.

Dog-led comfort

Lounger Bed Exploded Diagram

Please note: The Lounger Extra large is a very large bed – suitable for a giant size breed or 2 large dogs

Whether your dog is a growing pup or an older and arthritic dog, you need to make sure that their bones, joints and muscles are getting all the orthopaedic support they need while they rest and sleep. We make all our dog beds with luxurious, memory foam to ensure that your dog continually gets the benefits and the support it needs, whatever their age. Our beds are also made with premium upholstery-grade fabrics (or waterproof fabrics), contain thick, hand-blown fibre bolsters for the ultimate comfort your dog needs, and are individually handcrafted to ensure no rough edges or zips are sticking out to irritate your dog as they rest.

Warmth and safety

Having a warm retreat is essential for a dog, particularly if they are of a shy or nervous disposition. All of our beds come with a base mattress, made from superior quality memory foam, and our fabrics are chosen for the right thickness to ensure warmth even in the cold winter months. If your dog likes to curl up and get away from it all, the Ivy & Duke Den Bed offers high-sides and, like all our beds, has generously filled hollow fibre bolsters for a perfect cosy sanctuary for your do.


Having a comfort-led luxury dog bed is great. But, if it’s not practical to live with, it quickly loses its appeal. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a dog bed that’s easy to clean, keeps all of its shape and plumpness over time and, if needed can be easily transported fitting into the back of your car or in a motorhome. Our beds are easy to wipe down and our covers are fully removable and machine washable. We make our beds from robust and hard-wearing fabrics that are carefully cut, sewn and stitched by hand to ensure they stay looking good for years. Our beds are easy to wipe down too, they have waterproof inner liners for extra protection and covers that are fully removable and machine washable and make keeping your bed clean and fresh a doodle. We offer our seven uniquely designed luxury dog beds in a choice of timeless materials and contemporary colours (which you can match with coordinating pillows, blankets, tote bags and Christmas stockings), meaning you can tailor the bed perfectly to fit with your room interiors. We even offer the option of waterproof fabrics, to ensure you have a bed that is suitable for dogs who love to get wet and dirty.
Large Size Fabric Muttress In Heather

Choose an Ivy & Duke Bed

So, remember, if you are looking for your next luxury dog bed, make sure it’s comfort-led, supportive, but utterly practical to fit in with your lifestyle and interiors. For more information about our individually handcrafted dog beds, visit our shop.