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Springer Spaniel sitting on a large waterproof travel mat, with a dog blanket a tote bag in the back of an estate car

Our range of luxurious and handmade fabric and waterproof beds come in a variety of stylish colourways.

Not sure which dog bed and accessories is best for your dog? Why not take a look at some of our best selling and most well-loved items from our shop.

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Ivy & Duke Wall 2024 Calender by Sooshichacha

Ivy & Duke Christmas cards designed by Sooshichacha


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Ivy & Duke Christmas Cards by Sooshichacha (Pck 6)

Ivy & Duke Christmas cards designed by Sooshichacha


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Ivy & Duke x CoolSoft Pet Cooling Mat

Ivy & Duke x Coolsoft sleep have come together to create a cooling mat for your pet that has an instant cool-to-the-touch-feel.


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Spare Bed Covers - example shows The Pedigree

Spare Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Need a spare waterproof dog bed cover for washday? Our spare waterproof covers come in 5 colours to keep your bed in use all year long!


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Spare Pillow Covers

Our fabric and waterproof spare pillow covers are a practical solution to keep your dog’s pillow clean and in use all year long.


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Large Size Waterproof Lounger In Grey

The Lounger (Waterproof)

A practical, supportive and perfectly stylish dog bed. This comfy bed is made with luxurious memory foam and its waterproof cover is easy to clean.


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The Den Bed (Waterproof)

A supportive, high bolster dog bed, filled with luxurious memory foam.Cosy and comfortable but still waterproof, easy-clean and utterly practical.


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Large Size Waterproof Muttress In Burgundy

The Muttress (Waterproof)

This stylish, waterproof mattress-style dog bed provides perfect orthopedic support for aching joints. It’s comfy, practical and easy to clean.


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