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veterinary physiotherapy

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Guest Blog by Veterinary Physio Millie Byrne

I am a Veterinary Physiotherapist and the Ivy and Duke travel mat is an extremely valued part of my equipment when out and about treating clients. Not only is it extremely easy to carry and pack into the car, the dogs absolutely love it! Once at a client’s house I am easily able to carry the travel mat into the client’s house or garden and introduce the dog to the travel mat. After having carried out an assessment all the dogs are very happy to lie down on the travel mat for a treatment and many even fall asleep! The travel mat is extremely comfy for the dogs but not too soft still giving the dog support, which is important if a dog has an injury. A canine treatment can last from anywhere from 30-50 minutes so it is vital the dog is comfy therefore reducing any movement. As well as looking good the mat is extremely easy to clean. During a massage a lot of dog fur and grease can come off onto the mat however it just wipes away clean with a damp cloth (I clean the mat after every client). Thank you so much Ivy and Duke, I would be lost without my travel mat! Thanks, MB Veterinary Physiotherapy.

treating a dog

Millie Byrne BSc(Hons) PGDip Veterinary Physiotherapy, MIRVAP

Bidford on Avon  |  07714 419303  |

Instagram- mbvetphysio